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The contents of this page are out-of-date and are here for historical interest only. I no longer develop for Mac or Windows computers and the apps that ran on them are no longer available. On the Java side, browsers no longer support Applets and so that version's also gone. It's the HTML version now, or nothing.

Downloading Native FixMeUp! Versions

FixMeUp! is available for Wintel boxes.

This program is free for non-commercial use. By most standards it's "better" (i.e. more powerful) than the original Java version, particularly if you want to open multiple windows to compare different frames or gearing options.

But because it runs directly on your hardware, you don't have the Java guarantee that I can't erase your hard disk or something of the like. I wouldn't do that, but then most of you don't know me, so if either you or the owner of your computer is paranoid, go with the html form version or one of the Java versions.

Documentation for Windows FixMeUp! (included in the package you'll download) is sparse, but probably sufficient. If I've left something obvious out you can always email me. Please let me know about bugs as well, of course. Really compelling feature requests might persuade me to turn another version, but I'll probably leave it at this. I've been doing way too little fixed gear riding thanks to various coding exercises.

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I had a seven-week sabbatical (from Apple Computer) in October and November of 1996. One result was FixMeUp! for Windows. It was my first attempt at Windoze programming, and in fact I wrote and tested it entirely on a PowerMac 8500 running SoftWindows. (That was 1996: now, in 2006, I've run it a lot on every version of WIndows since, and am maintaining it using MinGW and WINE on Linux. It rocks!).

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