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The contents of this page are out-of-date. They're here for historical interest only. A lot has changed since Fixed Innovations started: Bullseye's gone out of business, Phil Wood's track hubs don't take 12mm axles, and White Industries has introduced their Eno Hub, paying the FI axle the ultimate compliment. :-) So we're not selling anything anymore, but will still keep this site and FixMeUp! going.

Fixed Innovations Products

Here you'll find information about the axles, Bullseye and Phil Wood hubs available through Fixed Innovations.

For pricing, and to order, see our orders page.

Fixed Innovations axle

Our axles are made to our design by Bullseye Cycle Corp. They're turned from centerless-ground 12mm 7075 aluminum rod stock, and are identical to standard Bullseye axles but for the eccentric ends. We've never seen one fail; but more significantly, Bullseye hasn't either, and they've been making them for 25 years.

Our axles are available either as an upgrade for Bullseye hubs you already own or with Bullseye hubs purchased from us.

We stock axles and axle kits in 130 and 135mm lengths. Other lengths are available but may take longer to get. MAILME(Tell us) what you need and we'll give you an estimate of when it'll be available.

Bullseye hubs

We offer a custom-width double-sided version of the hub that Bullseye has been making since the early '70s. Flanges are identical to those on "normal" Bullseye hubs, so you can run a freewheel in place of your fixed cog when you want -- assuming the hub is spaced to allow room.

Flange spacing on our Bullseye hubs is 52mm. This lines both cogs up perfectly with most small chainrings; if you want to use one cog with the big ring and the other with the small you'll want to respace the hub slightly so that each cog is about 4mm inboard of the chainring it goes with.

Bullseye hubs are available in drillings from 28-48, and with axle lengths from 120 to 145, all at the same price. Flanges come in any of seven colors (blue, red, purple, lavender, green, black and silver; black and silver only for 40 and 48 holes; see Bullseye's color page for details), again at no extra cost. (Center sections are silver only.) We stock only silver hubs, but are happy to order other colors.

Bullseye axles take either quick releases or bolts. Bolts are included. If you prefer a quick release, we carry Salsa's Flip-offs or you can use any QR you already have.

Notes: The lack of a lockring means that, in theory at least, your fixed cog may unscrew -- during hard backpedaling, for instance. Anecdotal evidence suggests that this is not a problem in practice, and particularly not with gears above 65" or so, but you should be aware of it. Don't even think of using one of these hubs on a bike without two working brakes -- not that that's a good idea under any circumstances! And use Loctite rather than antisieze when installing the cogs.


Phil Wood hubs

Phil's double-sided-with-lockrings track hubs, while expensive, are probably the ultimate hub for a dedicated fixed gear wheel. The lockrings ensure that the cogs won't come unscrewed, even with very low gears. Flange spacing is 58mm, which places the cogs for an almost-perfect chainline with either chainring (assuming your chainrings are centered about 43mm from the frame's centerline. This is normal for a road bike, but exceptions abound.)

Phil hubs are Available with bolt-on or hollow quick-release-ready axles, in 120, 126, 130 or 135mm lengths. 126-135mm cost more. Drilling for 28, 32 or 36 holes is standard; other drillings are available but cost more. QRs are not included with the hollow Phil axles, but we carry Salsa's Flip-offs or you can use any QR you already have.

Phil offers a single-sided version of this hub at a slightly lower price, and one with one side threaded for a single-speed freewheel.

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